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Posted on Nov 22, 2015

TIM Products

There are some hidden gems in the BRAID wheel line we carry that you may not know about. This week we'd like to bring to your attention the Fullrace AC. It is similar to the Fullrace A but the "C" stands for "CONCAVE". That's right; it has a concave face.

New product:

We went nuts this week and added lug nuts to our offering. Two styles: open and closed. Both high quality steel in various sizes. Nothing exotic here, just your basic, functional lug nuts like we use on all our cars.


Our Subaru Team Dynamics Pro Rally 1 clearance was a huge success and now we are out of them. Not to worry, you can still order Pro Rally 1s for any car, most of which can be delivered in just a few days, even for Subarus.

Spec Miata

Now we need to clear out some of our Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 for Spec Miatas as we need to make some room for a new project car arriving soon. These are 15x7, 25 offset, 4x100, 54.1 center bore and weigh 13lbs. We have them in the very popular flat black finish. Normally $135 but now on sale for $115 while stocks last.



No new projects added this week but we did do some work on the RALIVAN and our RallyCross 911. The RALIVAN got it's rusty rocker pane fixed by our friends at Schiemann Composites and we repaired the broken oil cooler mounts on our RallyCross 911. We are also in the process of figuring out how to retain a little more oil temperature in the colder months.



We haven't raced the 911 since we broke the transmission mid 2014 but next month sees the final round of the 2015 Detroit SCCA RallyCross series and it's at the same place the car made it's debut back in 2012. We couldn't resist this especially as we have a guest driver and film maker in the form of Ryan Symancek making an appearance. Check out Ryan's work here and look for and update in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the transmission holds together.


You know we love old rally cars so here's a video of the awesome Lancia Delta we just had to share.

TIM Information

It's winter tires season round here. We don't sell tires but are strong advocates for winter tires in colder areas especially if you have an all wheel drive car. That may surprise you but think about out. AWD gives you the ability to get up to speed in the snow and ice where others just crawl along. How then are you going to stop or turn? Answer: winter tires. 


We received a large stock order from BRAID this week. Wheels for inventory (Subaru and Porsche) and some special order customer wheels.

Normally we drop ship BRAID orders direct from the factory in Europe but about four times a year we bring in a stock order. If you don't need your wheels right away you can save a little in shipping if we include them on a stock order. Right now we are building on that's expected here early January if you want to get some wheels on it let us know by the ens of November.

Well, that's all we have for you for now. If you have any suggestions for news, projects or products let us know.