Rennline shipment

Posted on Jan 08, 2016

This week we had our first big Rennline shipment come in. Some for us, some for a customer. Rennline are one of the most reputable suppliers of aftermarket Porsche parts and we are proud to be a dealer and use their products on our 911s.


We already have their strut tower brace on the 85 Carrera. On our 84 Carrera RallyCross car we run their pedals and floorboards as well as the solid aluminum door handles that are a very effective and practical replacements for the flimsy plastic ones that Porsche used. In this shipment was our new battery relocation kit that we will use to relocate the battery from behind the left headlight to the smugglers box in the luggage compartment. This is where the blower for the AC system used to live but that has long since been removed. By relocating the battery here will will improve weight distribution, access to the battery for jumper cables and be able to tidy up the relays and wiring for our enormous rally lights. We did order the kit with the battery cut off mount but don't have plans to use that just yet.

Future Rennline products for this car include their front strut brace, tow hooks, smugglers box lid, RS door card, blower motor cover, and some suspension components.