83 Qauttro Rally Build: Stripped Naked

Posted on Nov 20, 2016

This past Wednesday we reached a big milestone with this project: we finished stripping the shell! The biggest chunk that came off was the rear sub-frame and diff then the steering rack and drive shaft. We also introduced video to our arsenal so you have been warned.


We also visited a local rally prepped quattro that's up for sale to get some ideas and, in the process acquired a windshield for our car.


We also took delivery of our tires. Bridgestone Potenza RE11 in 245/45-16. A little ahead of ourselves here but they are hard to find and we already had two. We now need to finish the car before they age out.


Next task is to get it off the hoist and back onto the table then onto the trailer so we can haul it up to our cage builder Thompson Racing Fabrication . That won't happen till the first full week in December as we are off to Barcelona to see how BRAID wheels are made and then to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche museum.