Quattro Rally Ready to Come Home

Posted on Feb 11, 2018

Well, the seats are sold. That has freed up some space on the parts shelf at least.

The shell is still up north at Cherry Classic Cars but we are expecting the call any day now. It's basically just waiting for the primer to dry then it will be ready to drag back down state and start bolting parts on. It was decided to do this in primer as there is probably quite a bit of cutting and grinding and welding to still be done as we basically do not know what we are doing. Once we have it essentially together we'll strip it down again for paint. It's going to look grand in the works shop regardless and will inspire us to refurbish all the dirty parts we have been ignoring. It may even get it's very own space for the build up. Here are some pictures as it sits now courtesy of Scott at Cherry Classic Cars.


Next time you see it it might be in a trailer.

Paul Eddleston-BRAIDusa & Team Illuminata