83 Quattro Squad Rally Build Has Legs

Posted on Apr 05, 2017

With the caliper brackets fitting well we took the opportunity to muck up a front strut before sending the calipers off to be refinished. We are still not sure what color to refinish them. Options include black or red powder coating or gold zinc dichromate like they were from the factory.

We started in on the model's livery. Tried some blue vinyl but we are not sure it is really suited to cars this small as it won't mold into the crevices well.

We did one side with the factory droop to the front bumper, which we have never liked, and the other with a full straight line to the back of the headlight. Which do you prefer?

We then added some BRAID decals

Our BRAID wheels came in from Europe. We love 'em.

They are three piece with hidden screws and reminiscent of the factory Speedlines. Specs are 16x9, et12. We could resist throwing one on our 85 but, of course, they are way too wide for this car.

As part of our quest to prep as many parts that are going to need refinishing as possible we pressed out the bushings from the lower control arms.

and disassembled some Hella 2000 lights as we have some chrome ones that need to be black.

This is the pile so far. The parts in front still need disassembling.

Quattro Squad