Alternator-tive Universe

Posted on Nov 04, 2021
We all know that Audis are different and UR Quattros even more different. Well, we also tend to do things differently and that did not change when it came to installing the alternator for our rally car.

We could have just used the stock alternator in the stock location on the stock bracket but that meant it wouldn’t be able to power our ridiculous number of lights, it would be right in front of the radiator and, after removing the power steering pump, be hanging on the end of a foot long appendage that just looked silly. So we said, “Let’s do something different”.

So we did two things. We found a relatively inexpensive 200 amp Ford alternator from a local supplier and we decided we could move the engine pitch stop to the left side of the engine. This meant we could mount the alternator on the right side of the engine with a custom bracket.

Now some of you are probably saying, ”Why didn’t you just use a bracket from an Audi that had the alternator on the right side of the engine?” Well, we could do that but Audi didn’t use Ford alternators did they? Custom bracket it was then. How do you do that? You might ask. So did we!

We started with a CAD template, of course.

Which we cunningly fashioned into a front bracket looking thingy.

Then we made a base plate that would bolt to some existing holes on the block

Then taped the two together

Once we were happy with the design, we cut the pieces out of 3/16” and 1/8” steel plate.

In order to ensure (hopefully) that the two pullies were lined up in every conceivable axis we decided to clamp them together using a very stiff piece of angle iron before welding everything up. This seemed to work, much to our surprise. And yes, we checked, with measury things.

Then came the tricky bit: Finding a belt the right length.

Piece of cake (actually, we prefer Hobnobs thank you)