Bits and Bobs

Posted on Feb 22, 2024
We are running out of things to do again so are picking away at bits and bobs before we send the car out for its wiring harness. Here’s a few little things we managed over the last few weeks:

The shape of the curve on one of the rear arches has always bothered us. We got the body filler out and fixed it.

We want a strut bar in this car so, of course, we are going to try to replicate the works version, as best we can anyway. We don’t have many images of it but it looks and mounts like this.

We’ll need to reinforce those mounting surfaces but otherwise it looks doable. After a bit of trial and error we came up with this.

The uprights are a bit long right now but we want to wait till the wiring harness is in as it comes into the engine bay at about the same height so we don’t want this to be in the way.

One thing we’ve been meaning to fix for a while is the inlet to the intercooler. The inlet hose has always impinged on the bumper bar brace so we needed to alter the angle of the inlet so it would clear. A good a time as any.

Fits. Just tacked for now.

The works cars had windshield retainers so our will. Especially as they were easy to make.

With no glass in the car yet we had to use our other Quattro as a model to get the angle correct.

Next time we’ll make the doors fit and prep the car for its wiring harness installation.