Engine Refurb, Round 2

Posted on Jun 13, 2019

We know, engine stuff. (Focus TIM). But look what arrived this week! 


We could have just tried to convince you that we had a surge of enthusiasm and finished the car but that wouldn't be right. 

We did paint something though, as promised: 


Gold too! 


and red! 


We also had a go at cleaning up the oil pan. It's not obvious in the pictures but it did make quite a bit of difference. 


Enough that we think we might want to have another go at the transmission case with this stuff. 

The last thing we worked on this week is only peripherally related to the engine but, as we were about to send a load of parts to the platers we wanted to include the power steering lines fittings. This is the 83 URQ's lines and oil tank along with the AAN's pump. The gap on the lower run is where the accumulator would go for the power brakes but as we are not using power brakes we can dispense with that. That means we need to come up with one continuous high pressure line and also some fittings for the pump end. 


We sourced a high pressure line from a servo boosted car as it's fitting routes better around the steering rack because it does not have to go first to the accumulator. Then we cut out all the fittings and sand blasted them ready for plating.