Heel Plates and Sparco Trunk Latches

Posted on Dec 07, 2022
As there’s no carpet anymore and the floor is pretty uneven we took another cue from the Group B cars and built what we’re calling a “heel plate”. This raises the drivers feet a bit and gives a lip for the heels to rest against. Of course we tried to copy the Group B version as much as possible. We only hope it’s in the right place!

First some Cardboard Aided Design, of course, followed by copying the shape in ally sheet.

Then the tricky bit; bending it up without a brake. The template we made helped.

And the finished article. We have a little fore and aft adjustment so it’s just on two self tappers for now.

We also installed the Sparco trunk latches. We were surprised to see the works cars put them right in the corners but we couldn’t put ours there because of the bumper brackets we’d had installed. So we put them more inboard by adapting some existing holes