It's Time to Get Serious - Cold Side Engine Reassembly

Posted on Jul 11, 2019
This week we started on the serious reassembly of the engine. We’ll try not to get distracted. We started on the intake side as that has the most shiny bits ready to go. First up the modified alternator mount:

Then the coolant adapter. We were advised to get a straight one in metal for better fitment:

Then we installed the alternator, power steering pump and belt tensioner:

We still need to find a shorter accessory belt but that’s not what’s stopping us completing the intake side of the engine; we need an intake manifold solution. Because the radiator on the UR Quattro sits the side of the engine, the AAN throttle body would interfere with it because that is located on the center of the AAN intake plenum:

We either need to modify our stock one or source an aftermarket version with the throttle body on the front. We favor the aftermarket options from BST, Wagner or whoever else sells one. Unfortunately finding one is proving troublesome as they are basically NLA. Let’s see what we come up with.

Hey, look, we didn’t get distracted. Next week’s topic will depend on what shows up first: a refurbished turbo or a cool intake manifold.