"Mono" Squad Quattro Rally Build

Posted on Mar 09, 2017

Recent Quattro Squad gatherings have looked more like meetings of the Mono Squad what with exams and scheduling conflicts. Still, we have made some progress.

We got the bushings pressed out of the front subframe. We had to burn them first as the bolts were seized in place. Fortunately the front subframe was prepped and powder coated by the previous owner and already has solid bushings.

Our aircraft grade top mount bearings arrived too and with the help of the Epicenter Design adapter pieces we managed to assemble a strut.

and we received a picture of our completed grill from Cool Wheels this week so that's quite exciting.

Next time we update we hope to have four fully assembled struts complete with brakes and maybe a resealed diff!

Paul Eddleston-BRAIDusa & Team Illuminata