Moving Into Storage

Posted on Jun 26, 2020
They say “all good things must come to an end”. Well, this good thing has come to a screeching halt but not the end. We finally had enough of our landlord and upped sticks. We were already looking for a new building but the situation in our old space became untenable and we quickly decided we could just put everything in storage for a couple of months while we found a new home. Then the virus hit! So we still don’t have a space but we also don’t have a big rent bill every month so now we look smart. We’re not. The business is still going strong. Just not working on car projects right now.

Here are some pics of the move:

We decided to store it on the wheels from our 85 Quattro because the tires are 12 years old and shot and we didn’t think exposing $2000 worth of Michelin historic rally tires to freezing temperatures was a good idea.

At least we got a chance to try out our new E-Track tie-down system in our trailer.

Sad showroom

New home. Ramp was a bit steep but three wimps managed to push it in, though we had to take it off the dollies.

So now it sits surrounded by junk. Can’t wait to get a new showroom and get it finished.