Now Our 83 Quattro Has Legs!

Posted on Oct 08, 2018
Like the suave, sophisticated gentleman in this video says “The car has legs now”


How did we get to this point? Well, as we discussed in our last post the delrin bushings are wider than the sleeve that goes through them. This sleeve needs to end up slightly proud of the bushings so that it gets clamped in the mounting slots on the subframe and does not move. Then the bushings can rotate on the sleeves. Fortunately the sleeves appear to be the correct length but they were also too tight in the bushings so we relieved them a little:

The bushings are also too thick so we removed some material to make them shorter than the sleeves and also added a chamfer so they would fit in the subframe slots:

Then we had to scour the globe to find ball joints:

Our top mounts that came with the car are held in place by four set screws so we had to get the drill out again:

We were worried that our bearing, spacer and nut combination wouldn’t have enough articulation so we assembled a front strut and put it through its entire range to see if it would be enough. It was, thankfully:


To celebrate this small milestone we threw on a wheel off our 85.

Maybe next update we’ll have figured the actual wheels and tires we will use.