Progress with the Intercooler on our Quattro Rally Build!

Posted on May 29, 2020
Despite all the confusion about where things are going to go a couple of components are fixed: the radiator and the intercooler. So we pressed on with the intercooler.

We wanted to place it as far forward as possible while remaining inside the grill’s envelope. This meant cutting our expensive bumper up.

We couldn’t find an off the shelf intercooler with the correct inlet and outlet orientations so we decided we’d have to make our own. We ordered the biggest core we thought we could fit.

The intercooler will sit on the front bumper bar but will also need an upper support bar. We fabricated one from an aluminium closet hanger rod.

And then set about mocking up the tanks.

Before finally making an intercooler!

Which actually didn’t leak!

And, surprisingly, even fit!