Quattro Rally Build: Hot Side Engine Refurb

Posted on Jun 20, 2019
This week we turned our attention to the hot side of the engine and removed the turbo, exhaust manifold and waste gate. The turbo will be sent out to be refurbished, the exhaust manifold will be replaced with a slightly better one and the waste gate will be, well, we are not sure. We know we are not keen on the red cover however.

This is the eBay special $85 exhaust manifold we got. If nothing else it doesn't need sand blasting! When the turbo comes back we will have to decide whether and how to refinish it.

Inspired by our gold coil cover we finished the rest of the valve cover. We know, it's a bit flash but it is rather reminiscent of the Group B 10 valve engines so we feel good about it.

Then we got distracted again and made a fake license plate. It's the little things...