Quattro Rally Build Pedal Car

Posted on 2 Apr 08:20


This concept of refurbishing parts then bolting them to the unpainted shell is working out well as we have already discovered a few things we need to mod and are accumulating quite a parts list too.


We got our first batch of parts back from powder coating:


And wasted no time attaching some of them to the car. Front sub=frame for instance: 



 We also received a Sparco battery cut-off for the dash: 



Our friend Paul is concurrently building an RS200 replica with a Focus RS crate engine. He brought over his superfluous factory intercooler to see if it might work for our application. Maybe: 



We finished the refurb on the steering column but it is going to need a bushing sleeve replaced before being put into actual service. However, this didn’t stop us bolting it up along with the refurbished pedal assembly: 




We thought our pedal assembly was in pretty good shape, until we took the over-center spring apart to clean it: 



Add that to the parts list. Stll, it didn’t stop us bolting it to the car: 



We also spent a bit of time prepping some parts for plating. We are having this lot zinc dichromated so they need sand blasting first. It was suggested filling the cylinder bores with hot glue so they wouldn’t get sand blasted so we gave it a try.





We took the opportunity to test fit the dash as we suspected it would interfere with the steering column. We were not wrong. There’s a reason for that cutout after all: 



We plan to continue to assemble the car this coming week so look for an update soon.