Quattro Rally Build: the Refurb. Begins

Posted on Feb 19, 2017

This week at Quattro Squad we started to get our head around the refurbishment projects and allocated some to a couple of the students. Matt took on the struts and brake calipers. The struts are almost complete as the previous owner installed new bearings and Koni dampers, had them powder coated and sourced a coilover kit. More on that later. He also provided varoius remanufactured brake calipers as noted earlier. We are missing caliper calipers for the front twin piston calipers so our friend Werner lent us a set he has in his parts stash to test fit. Now we know what we need and that our pads and dicss will all work together.

Unfortunately it seems our remanufactured rear calipers are not correct as the handbrake cable and brake line connection will both interfere with the axle. We think they are off a 4000 or similar but fortunately remanufacturd Quattro calipers seem to be still available.

Josh started pulling the various OE parts we need to retain some sort of ventilation and heating system in the car. Apparantyl we need the patr of the dash pad adjacent to the windscreen and the heater box to do this. We spent a good 2 hours of time trying to figure out what part was missing that would connect the defrost air outlet in the heater to the defrost air inlet in the bottom of the dash pad.

We couldn't find anything in any parts diagrams nor a stray bit of plastic in our parts bins that seemd to do the job. We were stumped until we stumbled upon this picture from earlier in the build:

in it you can clearly see that the dash pad mates to the hole in the body work and the heater box mounts below. We couldn't find a missing piece because we weren't missing a piece. DOH!

and then today our seats arrived form Corbeau USA. in regular and wide sizes.