Quattro Rally Build: TOO MANY FRONTS!

Posted on Apr 05, 2018


What do we mean by “fronts”. Well, we have opened up quite a few areas of work on the car, none of which seem to be nearing completion: namely:
•    transmission, 
•    plating
•    pedals
•    dash
•    shifter

We have power washed the transmission and replaced axle seals but we broke a tab off the rear output unit and only just found a spare transmission to steal one off. Now we will disassemble that and replace both seals. Fortunately the bearing in this one is in great shape so it actually saved us some money and time.

Still have to clean the trans and replace the input seal. Then install the shift linkage we recently refurbished.

Along with the calipers we prepped for plating we also have dozens of fasteners and brackets to re-plate. To help with the cleaning process we bought a vibrating parts cleaner from Harbor Freight. We are still learning what media works best for what degree of rust etc.

We did make some progress with the shifter in that we managed to disassemble it. Without breaking anything either!

The reverse lock-out tab is bent but otherwise it’s OK. We ordered a short shift kit from 034 Motorsports for it too 

We laid down some plywood floorboards after installing the pedals. The floor was very uncomfortable to kneel on and our work boots made it dirty. This will be a lot more convivial.

We still need to find the accelerator pedal, get the dash to fit over the steering column and also fill it with gauges and switches.

Lots to do!