Scattered Progress Quattro Squad Rally Build

Posted on May 02, 2017

Scattered progress since our last update but progress non-the-less.

We started to attack the drive shaft last week. The CV joints seem a bit stiff so we are going to clean them out and see if we can save them. If not we think we can replace them. The universal joint in the center seems fine but we might have to destroy it removing the center support bearing which is also fine but whose rubber bushing is decidedly squishy.

We also started refurbishing the fuel tanks. Initial inspection revealed only surface rust so we cleaned it out with some dish washer detergent.

We had a visit from the guys who run last week, Nick and Steve Balistreri.’s goal is to collate all the cool information in the various forum build threads on the web so the information is easy to search and the knowledge is not lost to us auto enthusiasts. We are proud they have both our quattro builds and our 911 build on their site.

We continued to dismantle parts that are being sent out for refinishing. This week it was the turn of the suspension components. These did not want to come apart and the students learnt a great deal about persistence and the use of heat wrenches.

We’re not even sure we can get replacement ball joints and bushings for this stuff and may have to fabricate our own.

We optimistically mocked up the rear calipers again to see if we can make them work. Both the handbrake cable and the brake fluid line want to go through the rear axles but as we intend using a hydraulic handbrake we wanted to see if we could make a banjo fitting attach. Think not:

Next update we hope to share some news about the shell. Stay tuned.

Paul Eddleston-BRAIDusa & Team Illuminata