Short Shifting and Full Gas

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

We mentioned earlier that we had purchased a short shift kit from 034 Motorsports. Well, with our freshly plated shifter components back at the shop we wasted no time in assembling it and bolting it in.


This is the stock shifter:

And the freshly plated components and short shift kit jigsaw puzzle:

We soon had it together:

And bolted in the car:

Of course the transmission is not in so the shift rod is just hanging in space for now.


During or shifter assembling we stumbled upon the gas pedal. We knew it couldn’t evade us forever. The pivot bushings seemed fine so we quickly slapped it in the car and made VROOM - VROOM noises.

We are not sure if we are going to employ the original method of connecting the accelerator cable though. Seems a bit weird.


After all that hard work we felt we deserved a sit down and a nice cup of tea: