Solutions for our Beautiful Intake Manifold

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

Last time we conversed we were reveling on the beauty of our aftermarket intake manifold and despairing at the frustration that nothing would fit around it. Now we think we have solved all these issues. Read on:

First we made a throttle body adapter to place the throttle body above the power steering pump:

Then we started to hack up the OE fuel rail. We stripped off all the brackets and fuel lines to verify that we could use it. The injector holes lined up and the rail snuggled up nicely against the intake runners.

Then we created fuel lines and incorporated an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, a fuel pressure gauge and even a fuel sampling port!

And somehow during this process the manifold itself got painted gold to match the valve cover.

We also came up with a way to secure the now floppy dip stick tube.

We feel quite good about solving these problems. Of course there are a few minor details to work out such as the throttle cable angle of attack and mounting of ancillary items but they should be easy to figure out. At least now we feel it is time to introduce the engine to it’s new home so they can get acquainted. We do need to run brake lines and a few other bits and bobs around the engine bay before we bolt it in but it’s nice to have the engine out of the workshop.