Sorting Out The Intake

Posted on Apr 06, 2023
We are checking things off pretty quickly lately and are starting to feel as if we might actually finish this phase of the project someday.

One major victory was getting the intake sorted. We had settled on a simple cone filter next to the turbo but were never really happy with it.

We really wanted a Group B Kevlar tube taking cold, pressurized air from the cowl but that was a bit of a stretch for us and we have a dirty great MAF to accommodate so we couldn’t just buy one.

So, we came up with a compromise. We’d build a filter box in the cowl, under the bonnet louvers where the Group B filter was and send the cold air into the passenger foot well, through a 90 bend and out into the engine bay through the firewall. Then we’d snake some 3” silicon tube to our MAF sensor. Let’s see how that went.


We used the connector off our cone filter to attach the filter housing bas to the tube coming up from the cowl.

We even managed to come up with a heat shield.