Storage Unit Rally Build - Week 12: Clutching Straws

Posted on Dec 30, 2020
We spent this week clutching at straws, curly straws at that! No, actually, we made a curly clutch line that goes between the slave and master cylinder. We have no idea why it’s this shape but Audi went to a lot of trouble to make it so we thought we should too! We were going to use the original one but it’s in really good shape and will make a great spare for our '85 road car so we decided to get bending. Hope it doesn’t drive is round the bend.

According to math this thing is enormous before you bend it. Nearly 3 foot long!

We needed to find something suitable to form it round. The jack handle will do.

It was actually easier than we thought it would be.

And it added up fitting pretty well. Don’t worry, we have a new master cylinder, somewhere. Pat on the back!