Storage Unit Rally Car Build - Week 13: Axels & Heater Lines

Posted on Jan 07, 2021

One day we are going to find a new building and will have to push this thing back out and into the trailer. With the axles out the wheel bearings flop about so we didn’t want to struggle with it again like we did, pushing it in. We decided now was a good time to reinstall the axles, even though we haven’t refurbished them yet.

Don’t worry, we cleaned them up a bit. We’re not peasants.

When we dug them out of hiding it soon became apparent that there were two long ones and two shorter ones. But where did they go, front and rear, left and right, where? It turns out, opposite corners!

We’re sure there’s a good reason but just for giggles we did try to install one in the wrong place, just because, well, we’re idiots to be honest. It was too long.


The 45* bends we were waiting for from Pegasus Racing came in so we got to finish heater pipe installation.

We’ve also located a brand new double grommet for the bulkhead!