The Road to Radwood Detroit - Part 1

Posted on Nov 07, 2019

“The best laid schemes o' mice an' men………..” Robbie burns said that, way before Quattros were invented. Still applies today.

When we left you we had just installed our center console and were about to start working on installing brake lines before we put the engine in. Well that plan got blown up as the car got invited to Radwood Detroit, the car show for 80s and 90s stuff. So our first thought was “Nah, It’s not finished” but then someone suggested that if we got it on its wheels and put the engine in it would still be cool and people would love to see it. So that’s what we did, or tried to.

So this was our starting point, with the engine on a stand and just shoved into the engine bay and the car still on the wooden build table.

We didn’t have a plan for getting it off the table but thought it would be a dam site easier if the engine was still out of it. But first we had to prep a few things. Chiefly bolting the front tie rods onto the uprights. We hadn’t sourced nuts yet but realized some lug nuts of the correct thread would do for now:

And that we’d also need a steering wheel in order to manipulate it around.

We temporarily installed the rear firewall (again):

And rigged up the door strike pins so the doors would stay closed:

We also bolted down the Corbeau seats as best we could. Some adjustments will be necessary before final assembly:

Next time we'll mount the engine and transmission together and get it bolted to the chassis.