Turbo Trouble & Fuse Dash Panel

Posted on Jun 27, 2019
We received some bad news from our turbo shop, G-Pop Shop this week. Our turbo is bad. Exhaust turbine ate something that didn’t agree with it.

We got on the blower to our engine supplier, EFI Express and they soon had another core sent out. This one turned out to be fine. The other good news is that the bad turbo was never on our engine, it was just one of many EFI Express had on the shelf so whatever did the damage almost certainly did not pass through our engine. PHEW. Can’t wait to get the refurbished turbo back now.

While that was all playing out we reassembled our belt tensioner. These are NLA and ours had a bad bearing. We sourced and new bearing but had to make our own rivets to put the pulley back together around it, followed by a lick of paint of course.

We also continued to work on our dash mounted fuse panel design. The original works cars had three fuse blocks holding ceramic fuses mounted through the center removable panel. We want to use three similarly sized panels but with more modern blade fuses. You’d think that would be quite simple but it’s proving quite difficult. We can find side entry versions but our wires have to come in from the rear.

Group B fuse blocks:

The collection of candidates we have assembled so far:

The one on the bottom right would be perfect if it held 12 fuses instead of 8. You’d think that were available wouldn’t you. Nope. We may have to compromise.

Now we have the wheels on the car the only thing stopping us putting it on the ground was the lack of springs. That and a good reason to actually do so. Undaunted we installed the springs.