UR Quattro Progress Both Up and Down

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Progress both up and down the state of Michigan this week.

We and the Quattro Squad "filed" the last of the pile of parts "we" took off the car.

Then proceeded to fill the floor with all the parts the previous owner took off the car that have been resting in the parts trailer for 13 years. Some good stuff in here: two sets of wheel, full interior, all the glass. Some of this we need, some will make good spares for our 85 and some we can get rid of.

Meanwhile, up north at Thompson Racing Fabrication they wer keeping warm by welding on our cage and installing the new aluminium (it's German) rear bulkhead.

You can see all their handy work here:




Now the shell rests while we order body panels but work will soon commence on refurbishing all the other parts necessary to reassamble the car as a Grop B monster. Subscribed and stay tuned.

Paul Eddleston-Team Illuminata