We're Hooked On Quattros

Posted on May 27, 2021
If you’ve been following this build, you’ll know by now that we have strongly resisted copying the works cars as much as possible. That is unless we can find an excuse to replicate what they did of course. So, it is with the front tow hook. Our car has perfectly good tow hooks that came from Audi. They work, we’ve used them to drag the car into the trailer more than once. They are a bit close to the bumper though and also make it harder to remove the bumper too as they protrude through it. They are also behind the lights when they are on. OK, they absolutely must go. Let’s see what the works cars used.

Yes, we can do that. How hard could it be? Plus, we have this shiny new tow hook from Rennline, that is too short and the wrong shape.

So, we bent it but it was still a bit short. We thought we could weld a 3/16” plate to it to make it longer and sandwich it between the chassis rail and the lower skid plate flange; just like the works cars. We made some nut (bolt) plates to help with this.

And some thin spacers to level off the underside of the chassis leg.

Then we made the extension for the tow hook and welded it on.

Of course, now we had our new, shiny tow hook we no longer needed the factory hooks so we got the grinder out.

And then we were hooked.

Yes, ours is red. So, therefore we didn’t replicate the works hook