Wheel Selection for our Quattro Rally Build

Posted on Apr 24, 2019
Halfway through our engine tear down our new wheels showed up. Yes, they did distract us.

We chose these from BRAID’s catalogue because they look very similar to the BBS wheels the Rothmans (and some others) rally Quattros ran back in the day. Look:

Specs are:
- BRAID Serie 4 RC
- 15x10
- Et0
- 5x112
- 57.1 center bore

As far as our research suggests, the same as the originals.

Of course we took lots of pictures.

Then, we installed a couple of our TB5 tires to make sure the wheel and tire package would actually work.

Nailed it!

In case you weren’t paying attention earlier these tires are Michelin TB5 historic tarmac rally tires in size 265/40-15 and are just 23.3” overall diameter. Again, the same size these cars ran in period, at least in tarmac trim.

Next week back to the engine, we promise.