Ralivan2 Gets New Seats (Scheel-Mann Vario F Model)

Posted on Jul 07, 2022

We got some new seats! We didn’t really need any but the OE ones were a bit dirty and had some small holes in them. They didn’t seem as comfortable or as well built as the ones in our old RALIVAN and we love the seats Scheel-Mann USA imports from, of all places, Stuttgart, Germany; the same place the van was made! Scheel-Mann have been making super high quality seats since 1966. We went with a pair of their Vario F model in black (though in our pictures they look brown).


These are 10 way adjustable so that we can get the perfect ergonomic fit. The entire lower cushion is infinitely adjustable in and out so that drivers with the shortest thighs or the longest will both be able to find a perfect adjustment on those long treks to events. The upper bolsters that support the sides of your torso are also adjustable in and out and each Vario is equipped with 4- way lumbar support.

They arrived from Scheel-Mann USA very well packaged, with everything we needed and some excellent instructions. Unlike the hitch, it didn’t seem that we would have to half disassemble the van to install them.

Thanks to the instructions we soon had them assembled.

Then it was time to pull the old ones out.

Slotting the new ones in was a doddle and we even remembered to fix the seat belt slider back into the b-pillar!