Trailer Brake Control and Bigger & Better Things

Posted on Jun 10, 2022

Last time we updated the new RALIVAN we wired up our new hitch. However, we didn’t do a thorough job because we never fitted the knob for the brake controller. It all works but we just never found a spot for the remote knob on the dash. Well, this week we took care of that. We wanted to put it where we could see it and reach it while driving, preferably without dismantling the entire dash to do so. We were also limited by the length of cord attached to the controller mounted next the battery. By lying down in the foot well under the dash we figured out we might be able to snake the knob and cable up to the blank switch panel just to the right of the steering wheel. We pulled one of the blanks and with the aid of some plastic panel prying tools, a coat hanger and many torx bits managed to snake the knob up to the aperture.

Next we had to drill out the blacking plate to fit the knob in, without breaking it.

And then ease it into place:

And here it is. It works too!

To celebrate we took some pictures of it next to the original RALIVAN for comparisons sake. It’s quite a bit bigger.


Ignore that white stuff on the ground; it’s a Michigan thing.