Another Rally for TIMsyberia

Posted on Mar 31, 2023
In our last project update we told you we would be attending another rally and we weren't pulling your leg. In fact, this one was a stage rally! No, we haven't secretly turned the car into a full stage rally beast. We went there in "sponsor mode" AKA posing around mode.

We've been sponsoring and attending the Sno*Drift rally in northern Michigan for over ten years now but haven't been up there for the last three. Typically we'd drag the whole dog and pony show up there in our RALIVAN and trailer and spend three cold days in various parking lots with our display. Well we think we are established enough now that we don't feel we need to do that anymore so we just drove the 3 hours north in the TIMSYBERIA and hung out at the parc exposes, service areas and a few stages instead. So much more relaxing and fun. In fact it was great to catch up with the rally family and see the latest cars, especially the ones with our BRAID wheels on.

Here are some pictures of the shenanigans for your viewing pleasure: