Give Us A Brake, Please!

Posted on Nov 10, 2022
While we waited for our new lights to come in, we had a look at the rear brakes. They we making swishing noises while driving that got more pronounced when we pressed the pedal. When we got the vehicle a few months ago our initial assessment was that the pads and discs we almost at full thickness but a little glazed and pitted probably due to it sitting for a while. We thought they’d clean up their act as we started to drive it but they didn’t seem to agree. We were a little concerned that the calipers might be seized so we disassembled both sides to figure out what we needed to do.

The pad retaining pins gave us some trouble but we applied some brute force and ignorance to get them out. Fortunately, the calipers were in good shape so we just ordered up new pads, discs and hardware from Pelican Parts and put everything back together. Oh joy! The brakes work great now. We hope we are done with maintenance stuff now as it’s starting to feel like a potential money pit.