Just Gimme the Light and Spend the Doe!

Posted on Nov 03, 2022
The new livery seems to have really tied the other mods together. We’ve noticed the car gets a lot more attention now. One woman stopped in the middle of traffic in downtown to take pictures. The drivers behind her seemed to understand too! We are beginning to feel we may be onto something with this project.

So, we were keen to crack on with more mods but our Cayenne seemed to have other ideas and started telling us about one or two light bulbs it thought were blown. It changed its mind when we checked them the next day but then insisted a couple of days later. So, we thought we would open up a headlight and see if we could figure out what was upsetting it. Well, what a surprise awaited us; most of the wires inside the headlight we removed were devoid of any insulation and there was a distinct smell of burning plastic. It very much explained the confusion our poor Cayenne was suffering and we were so glad to have heeded its cries for help before this turned into a conflagration.

We popped out the other light and it was just as bad!

We did some research and found that this appears to be a common occurrence, along with the harnesses inside the light pods. Bit sad that Porsche. Some people seem to have managed to repair the bad wires but they must have had tiny hands. We decided the best way forward for us was to plop down about a grand for new lights. Should be good for another 17 years at least and the lenses sparkle now. No smoke either!

The pod harnesses we ordered were on back order but as they weren’t causing problems, yet, we elected to swap them out next time we’re in there. It’s not a trivial job apparently, as you have to remove the air boxes to access them.