Posted on Aug 18, 2022

Now we have a solid base we can start modifying the car. We Hope you find it worth the wait. First off Rennline sent us a couple of their fire extinguisher mounts to try. The one for the 958 model didn’t fit but the universal one did, so we mounted that up in short order:

It mounts under the sliders using the bolts that hold the seat to the vehicle:

Then we added the quick release clips and the fire extinguisher itself:

The seat is fully back in the above shot. Next item on the agenda, a phone holder from ProClip. We always liked these holders and are always impressed by the clever ways they find to mount them to whatever vehicle we have. They are not cheap but worth every penny.

This one used the gaps around the center vent to mount (we subsequently moved it to the middle)

Now onto something more hard-core; mud flaps! We are a Rally Armor dealer and have always like their line of Urethane mud flaps, especially the universal ones as we tend to put them on somewhat unusual vehicles that they don’t have a fitment for. In this case we went with their big and beefy motorsport spec universal flaps and we think they are just perfect. Before we ordered them, we made sure they would fit by making some cardboard versions as a proof of concept. This also helped us figure out the correct location for the holes so they would be level and at the right height which is harder than it seems it should be.

With all the mock up work done we punched some holes (you can’t drill this stuff) and bolted them up using the OE inner fender holes and big aluminum washers we made ourselves with a hole saw!

The red logo is almost a perfect match for the beadlock ring on our BRAID wheels too! Our next update might involve vinyl film so look out for that one.