Rennline Goodies, Oil Leak Fixes & Tires

Posted on Jan 12, 2023
We got a new phone so we needed a new phone holder. We called Rennline’s emergency number and they sent us one of their amazing TIMSYBERIA-specific Wireless Induction Charger Mounts.

It took us longer to open the package than install it and we couldn’t be happier with it. The new phone’s not too shabby either. We do miss the rotary dial of or previous phone though.

Remember how we failed to replace the valve cover gaskets and gave up. Well, we didn’t give. Instead, we re-grouped and took the car to the professionals at Munks Motors. So there!

Now our TIMSYBERIA keeps all its oil in the motor instead of the driveway and doesn’t feel like it’s about to set on fire when you pull up at a stop light. Perfect.

It’s winter in Michigan now so we don’t roll here without proper tires on proper, winter-white, wheels.

These are 245/70-17 Blizzaks on BRAID Fullrace T Dakars in 17x8 with an offset of ET33. People in the cayenne community seem surprised that you can fit a 17” wheel on these cars but BRAID wheels are known for their high brake clearance so they’ll fit on anything with 350mm diameter brake discs or smaller. Anything else and you’ll need 18” or bigger. We have you covered though.