Son of Sno*Drift Rally

Posted on Jan 25, 2024
Last week we resumed our abuse of the Detroit SCCA Region’s TSD rally program by participating in their Son of Snow*Drift event. It was looking like being yet another Son of Mud*Drift but for a big winter storm that blew in the day before and made for a very interesting drive to the start and event itself. So, we faced some tricky conditions. Good job we have #properwheelsbybraidusa and #propertires mounted to a #propervehicle.

As usual we prepared to the ultimate degree by loading the TIMSYBERIA Cayenne with Hobnobs and proper tea. There was some recovery gear in there too somewhere and lots of wires, some of which were attached to “technology”.

The rally started from a restaurant just west of Detroit and headed further west into the boonies around Ann Arbor (we think). You could see the competition quaking it their boots in the parking lot as we pulled in, once we cleared the windshield of course. The TIMSYBERIA Cayenne can look pretty intimidating in “rally mode”. They needn’t have worried however.

Once we returned to the restaurant around 8pm we were still smiling even though we managed to finish last in class. For the first two legs our GPS and software was malfunctioning so we were way off schedule and missed a few turns while trying to fix it. We gave up on that for the third leg and resorted to stock class rules for which we were not the least prepared but we did a lot better. However, we couldn’t recover from the debacle earlier so ended the rally with about 1000 points. Not too bad all things considered and not last either.

One again the TIMSYBERIA Cayenne was a champ. We will be back and plan on getting zero points at POR later in the year with maybe even one more rehearsal before that. Stay tuned.