Posted on Nov 15, 2023

It’s been a busy summer round here but not much of it involved the TIMSYBERIA. Here’s a few highlights:

We got invited to an open day at the Jackson Speedway in mid-Michigan. The idea was to invite some people from various branches of motorsport so we could assess the facility’s suitability for holding our events. We were asked as part of the rally community, so naturally we took it for a spin around their potential rallycross track as well as the drift track! It got a little dirty.

As our Cayenne is so far rust free, we really want to keep it that way even though we drive it all year round. Therefore, we thought we’d give it a good shot by taking it to Krown to get it treated, just like we did for our RALIVAN. They did an excellent job as usual.

To contribute to the celebrations around 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars on June 8th we assembled all our Porsches outside our showroom and took some pictures. The Cayenne looked enormous next to our 944 and 911s.

We only did one Modification to our Cayenne this summer. One of the weird complaints we have about our Cayenne is the strangely laggy throttle response. Fortunately, there’s a fix for that. It’s called the SprintBooster According to the website it purports to eliminate throttle lag and give instant acceleration response and we are happy to report that it does.

It installs between the pedal and the wiring loom so you have to remove a cover to access the location. The controller mounts anywhere. We stuck ours on the dash behind the steering wheel where we can’t see it. It stops us playing with it mid corner, which would be “interesting”.

A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to take the car up to Cross Village in northern Michigan again. We didn’t get too hardcore this time but we made a new friend and drove the car through Lake Michigan.