TIMsyberia Gets Some "Spring" Upgrades

Posted on Jun 08, 2023
It’s driving season, not fixing cars season. However, we’ve been fixing cars.

The winter months revealed that the tailgate struts on our Cayenne were getting weak. They were still working but would barely hold up the tailgate. They had to go. Unlike normal cars it’s not so simple.

They’re beefy buggers once you get them out though and look like they belong on a motorbike or small sports car suspension!

Our battery was of dubious origin and during the colder months showing signs of weakness so we replaced it with a new AGM unit. We didn’t think we’d bore you with pictures though.

We continue to enjoy driving this car on a regular basis and enjoy taking pictures of it. We are always amazed by the response it gets at events to.

See if you can spot the significance of this location. Hint, zoom in):

Like we did with our RALIVAN we took the Cayenne to Krown rust proofing in Rochester Hills, Michigan to get it treated. It might seem weird doing this in the spring but that’s when the salt applied during winter starts to do its thing.