TIMSYBERIA Goes Rallying, Again!

Posted on Feb 23, 2023
But before we could do that we had to install some rally lights because dark. We called up our friends at Eurowise who sell lots of parts for off-road Cayennes and ordered up their bolt-on light bar designed to hold four Hella 500 lights. Cleverly, this kit bolts to the Cayenne’s tow hook mounts using specially designed threaded screws and puts the lights just in the right place.

Last month we entered the Son of Sno*Drift TSD rally so called because the narrow and twisty dirt roads it uses are typically snow covered. They weren't but we had fun anyway. We didn't get lost this time but were not very good at keeping to the schedule so didn't place very high. The Cayenne behaved flawlessly though and even pulled off an improptu scandinavian flick after a late note.

In the next update we'll attend another rally. Can you guess which one? It's "related".