85 UR Quattro


The Quattro was developed by Audi in the late 70s to go rallying and when it debuted in 1981 it turned the sport upside down. Since then no car has won the world rally championship (WRC) that was not not turbocharged and all wheel drive.

The road versions are now often refereed to as "UR Quattros" as they were the original Audi all wheel drive cars and just called "Qauttros" at the time. Since then Audi has adopted the Quattro name to refer to it's all wheel drive system so these cars often get confused with later all wheel drive cars in the Audi range.

Our's, purchased in 2010, is possibly one of the nicest examples in the US. One of only 17 imported into North America in 1985. Very original and in great shape. A veritable survivor. A very rare and special car.  We have been slowly bringing it back to top condition while striving to retain it's originality that makes this example so unique. It has the updated interior but non-digital dash and no sunroof making it about the most desirable configuration you could wish for. You can read about our efforts on these forum threads:

Audi Forums   Audi World   Grassroots Motorsport   Group B Rally Club  

Detroit SCCA   Motor City Audi   Motorgeek    









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