83 Quattro Rally Build


With the 911 Carrera RallyCross project having fulfilled all it's project goals we were at something of a loss as to what to do next. Then we stumbled upon this abandoned project in a shop not 5 miles from our showroom. We knew right away what we must do: BUILD A RALLY CAR:

 The car had been stripped of it's glass, suspension and interior and had a crude cage welded in and the rear subframe and control arm powder coated and put back. The struts were all powder coated and had coilover perches welded on. It also came with a carbon fiber or fiber glass hood and front fenders! The engine "ran when parked. The shell is very solid except for one rust hole in the right side rocker and all the parts are present. Unfortunately the cage is very rudimentary and wouldn't even be suitable for a rally tribute so it will have to go.


This is what we think we will build, one of two liveries suitably tweaked to TIM/BRAID colors like we did with the 911. Whether it will be a fully prepped rally car, a tribute or a replica has yet to be determined but what is for sure is that it's going to be AWESOME.


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