BRAID Center Lock Adapter

$ 808.00

Track, Autocross, Tarmac Rally & Street [split]

Covert your normal hubs to center lock or mononut hubs with our race quality center lock adapters. Each adapter is custom built to your specs to bolt onto your hubs. The integrated drive pins are designed to accurately mate up to drive pin holes in our center lock wheels for precise fit and reliable performance.

The Hub Adapter and Drive Pins are machined from a high-grade steel while the Center Nut is made from aerospace grade aluminium , combined with a hard anodization finish for the ultimate in strength and durability.
Also, the safety clips were updated to a more innovative solution: we incorporated a built-in Automatic Retaining System (ARS) that snaps into the top-crown of the nut to prevent it from loosening, and keep the wheels secured in any condition.

After the Mononut Adapter is installed on to the hub over the rotor hat and tightened down using the bolts or nuts included on the kit, which also serve as drive pins, the wheel is fitted and tightened with the center nut using the supplied wrench. The torque required is 500N.m, 370lb.ft.

Other benefits and features are:
- Quicker wheel locking than our previous adapter
- Easier installation
- Wheel Auto-centering
- Plate thickness from only 5mm
- Adaptable to almost any vehicle
- Compact, only 94mm protruding from mounting face, depending on the wheel specs
- 50% lighter than our previous adapter. From only 1.2Kgs/2.64lbs.

The kit is per corner and includes one nut. 
Only available for BRAID center lock wheels. For other applications please contact us.

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