BRAID Tenrace+ Beadlock A

$ 375.00

CrossKarts, KartCross, Off-road, Tarmac, Gravel.    [split]

Made with our Beadlock A Technology, the Tenrace+ 8x10 3+2 Beadlock A wheel features advanced technical characteristics, such as an optimized design to maintain a close weight of the standard non-Beadlock wheels, or the Beadlock ring made from a heat-treated light aluminium. These wheels are exclusively made for Kart Cross and Quad competition application. Its design makes it easier to fit larger bolt patterns, creating an ideal wheel for off-road racers or adventure minded tuners. 

Wheels can be built to your specifications with any offset, bolt pattern, or center bore you desire (within certain limitations).  All wheels are made hubcentric. Weights are in lbs and are approximate. Actual weight will depend on offset and bolt pattern. Load rating 275 lb 

Additional Options include (Call for specific quotes): Custom Colors, Dual Drilled Wheels, etc.

BRAID's range of Tenrace+ competition wheels are designed to survive the rigors of competition. These wheels are manufactured using the very latest in  technology. 

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