BRAID Fullrace T Dakar

$ 494.00

Truck, Rally Raid, Off-road, Baja/Dakar, 4x4, Gravel, & Street.    [split]

The FULLRACE T DAKAR supplements the Winrace T 13KG 7"x16" from BRAD's range of 4x4 wheels, improving the wheel performance and final price. The Fullrace T Dakar is made with the latest Full Flowcast Technology, incorporating the microwave on the inner rim to increase the stiffness of this area. This new wheel is a much reinforced version, specially designed for  very tough rally raid, as is typicalin South America and South Africa. It is also designed to fit big brakes and to meet the minimum weight requirement for T1 and T2 FIA regulation vehicles, so that they can be used on any event or rally raid race, run under FIA rules. It is available in 16" and 17" diameter and 4" to 11" wide. The direct offset range is from -25 to +50. It can be fitted on big 4x4 vehicle's PCD, therefore the adaptation possibilities are very large.

Wheels can be built to your specifications with any offset, bolt pattern, or center bore you desire (within certain limitations).  All wheels are made hubcentric with steel bolt hole inserts. Center caps sold separately. Weights are in pounds and are approximate. Actual weight will depend on offset and bolt pattern.

load rating per wheel is 900Kg/1980lbs (16")
load rating per wheel is 1300Kg/2860lbs (17")

Additional Options (Call for specific quotes):  Lightweight machining, Hub ring & center machining, Custom Colors, Dual Drilled Wheels, and Additional Offsets.  Optional Beadlock B system available.

BRAID's range of Fullrace competition wheels are designed to survive the rigors of competition but are equally at home on the street. These new wheels are manufactured using the very latest in full flowcast technology which allows a more uniform arrangement of the alloy structure and granularity greatly increasing the wheel's final characteristics. The result is a lighter and stiffer wheel with much improved strength both in terms of bending and cracking.

Made of a heat treated light alloy enabling optimal strength and lightness. Light yet durable these wheels are available for almost any car with any offset, bolt pattern or center bore you require. From stock or made to order and delivered in 3-5 weeks. Call or email with your specific requirements.

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