Tire Groover Blades

$ 9.00

Replacement blades for Ideal Heated Knives Tire Groovers.

Sold in packs of 12. Numbers and head size correspond. Use same size head and blade number.

Ideal Heated Knives are constructed for easy, efficient and long-lasting operation. The solid brass head keeps strong, constant heat on the cutting blade, which rapidly heats the material to be cut. The depth of the cut is controlled by the adjustable blade. The brass heads and razor-sharp blades are available in nine different widths. Blades also come in five different strengths and a variety of tip shapes.
Purchasers most often use Ideal Heated Knives for cutting, grooving and siping rubber tires of most kinds. Ideal Heated Knives is the only company producing blades and other accessories in a large variety of sizes and shapes so that you can do the exact job that you need to do. Competitors have closely copied the outside appearance of these products, but theirs are far different on the inside. Ideal Heated Knives is the reliable, time-tested, American manufacturer, with satisfied purchasers throughout the United States and worldwide.



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