WEVO 901 Shifter Kit

$ 655.00

The WEVO Shifter is a precision short shift / spring centered / reverse blocked shift kit for the 901 equipped 1965 -71 Porsche 911.  The Wevo 901 Shifter Kit has been designed to use Porsche parts from the 915 Shifter Assembly.  You will need to obtain OEM 915 Shifter parts. These OEM parts are listed in the instructions. The WEVO Shift kit is intended for street, club event, and full competition race cars.

  • Reduced shift travel by 30% compared to stock 901 shift travel.
  • WEVO shift lever is spring loaded from both sides. This results in smooth 2nd - 3rd up shifts and clean 5th - 4th down shifts.
  • Reverse selection blocker that only operates when moving lever out of 1th gear.  The blocker helps prevent the clipping of the reverse gear.
  • No irreversible modifications are performed to any original components.

Your WEVO Shifter kit comes partially assembled with all hardware and instructions. Install time about 2 hours. No special tools or skills required

WEVO 901 Shifter Installation Instructions