WEVO G50 Carrera Precision Shift Joint (PSJ)

$ 254.00

All WEVO Precision Shift Joints (PSJ) are manufactured with a 1" dia. alloy steel universal joint with hardened pins and pin bores. The oversize joint achieves maximum durability and eliminates the slop seen in the OEM shift couplers. The oversize joint also guarantees maximum performance season after season.

  • WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ is a direct bolt-in for the original Porsche unit used in the 3.2 ltr Carrera from 1987-89 and the 930 in 1989.
  • WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ is easy to install and requires no adjustment.
  • New hardware needed for installation is included in the kit.
  • The PSJ is zinc plated for corrosion protection.

The WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ eliminates the OE rubber diaphragm coupler that is part of the NVH isolation in the stock shifter mechanism. Because of this, the noise level is increased in the cabin of the car. Many factors cause this increase and drivers wanting to maintain OE levels of cabin noise should consider this before purchasing or installing the G50 Carrera PSJ.

The WEVO G50 Carrera PSJ is not suitable for 1989 C4 or any 964 model