WEVO Racing 911 Precision Shift Joint (PSJ)

$ 275.00

All WEVO Precision Shift Joints (PSJ) are manufactured with a 1" dia. alloy steel universal joint with hardened pins and pin bores. The oversize joint achieves maximum durability and eliminates the slop seen in the OEM shift couplers. The oversize joint also guarantees maximum performance season after season. 

  • WEVO Racing 911 PSJ is a replacement for the original Porsche unit used in 911's from 1965-86 and 930 Turbo's from 1975-88.
  • PSJ is zinc plated for corrosion protection.
  • WEVO Racing 911 PSJ eliminates the friction pinch clamp on the rear of the shift tube and replaces it with a 3 bolt flange assembly thous eliminating unintended adjustment.
The transmission side of the joint is attached to the transmission using the original M8 set screw from the stock coupling. The shift tube side of the PSJ is attached to a 3 bolt flange that has to be welded onto the original shift tube. Welding onto the shift tube requires the removal of the engine and transmission from the car. The flange can be welded on in minutes.

        WEVO Racing PSJ Installation Instructions