TIM TIMES - Crazy Four Weeks

Posted on Dec 20, 2015

WOW, can't believe it's been four weeks since our last blog post. What hapenned? Well received the Exocet kit, prepped the 911 for RallyCross, bought another project car, made a movie, got published in a magazine, went racing, went to the a trade show, watched some videos, added a car page, created some ads, No wonder this blog is three weeks late!

Received the Exocet kit

Prepped the 911 for RallyCross,

More stickers of course


LED gauge lights

Blocked off the oil cooler to get some oil temperature in the cold weather.

and other boring stuff.


Bought another project car

A 1983 UR Quattro that has sat for twelve years!




The plan


Made a movie

Ryan Symancek of /DRIVE fame came out from NY for the weekend to drive our 911 in a RallyCross and film his exploits. It was a very fun weekend.




Got published in a magazine


Went racing

 Ryan and I entered the final event of the Detroit SCCA RallyCross series, one of the best organized series in the country. I'm a little rust so hit tons of cones but Ryan managed an admiral 2nd place.



Went to the Performance Racing Industry trade show


Watched some videos



Added a car page

Our 85 Porsche 911


Created some ads for Grassroots Motorsports and other publications


 Happy Holidays!